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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Colored Feathers Our Birds of Whether

Aho everyone and hello,
Sit down and listen to my poem which is from my heart and my wisdom too, so sit down children of the blue listen to Chelsea which is me. Thank you all of you. Before I start blessing the nine streams and four scared directions.

Birds are all unique and different.  Some can fly and some cannot, but they are wonderful all of them to me. To me they are all the same for every bird known to mankind which has a name, spirit and a soul. Birds fly high in the heavenly sky, some in patterns and some alone. 

I wonder why some don't fly together, maybe because they don't know how. They follow the winds to guide them, going through and through the air. Birds have pretty feathers that help them fly high in the sky. 

How would it be some don't fly like penguin or emu, but they got wings too. Every bird goes their own path to find ways to survive. They all come from eggs small or big to which they hatch from to come alive. They have hearts. They can follow to the great divine. Birds show us the way to fly in the sky, like with airplanes that fly (dive). 

All the birds eat different things to keep them alive. Some birds go to the south and some stay year long for everyone to see. Birds can show to us that equality is right to go, that everyone can be free to do what they need to do.  

I believe they are special I believe true to their cause.  They are there for us if we need them. I know that is true.  They send love to us all and I believe that has a well.  We can do our part and pray to the birds to guide us.  

And we can help them on their path of Holiness and help. I bless the birds that have helped me, that show (me) they are colors to me, on their feathered bodies. To the bird that flies high in the sky I say aho (may your spirit fly) to them to know that my spirit will fly with them forever in the heavenly blue sky. 

This is my poem to me (and to all, since) a poem can be short or long, but all comes from the heart and mind and soul.

From your beloved sister the red one and hope you enjoy my poem and thanks for reading if you do.
my colors are red, white/star, grey, grey.
yours truly chelsea and may you follow your heart as well.

 Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy 
Pray With Elders around the World

The heart of the red does come to bled, to suffer for the world because of love. I gift you my heart to heal your stout, to bring us back together, to know of perfect weather, the soul needs comfort, the flesh needs true, the heart of a rainbow, that lives in me and you! I am Chelsea, your Red Child who prays/praise!

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